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      《培源科學城戰略規劃與概念性城市設計》 國際方案征集公告

      2022-06-06 15:39 來源:中國城市規劃網



      Announcement on International Solicitation for

      Strategic Planning and Conceptual Urban Design of Peiyuan Science City



      Urban Planning Society of China (the organizing supporter) is commissioned by Yixing Natural Resources and Planning Bureau to launch this open international solicitation activity for Strategic Planning and Conceptual Urban Design of Peiyuan Science City (hereinafter referred to as “this solicitation activity”)。 The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


      I.Project Background


      Peiyuan Science City is located in the northeast of central Yixing, adjacent to Dongjiu New City and Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, with an area of about 50 square kilometres. The ecological environment of the site is superior, with rich river networks, convenient traffics, and profound cultural heritage, advocating culture and attaching importance to education; the famous physicist and educator Zhou Peiyuan was born in Fangqiao Street, Yixing. Peiyuan Science City is an important gateway area for Yixing to connect with regional strategies, undertake innovative resources, and promote the level of production and urbanization; it has high-quality resources to become the future economic growth pole of Yixing and the science and innovation area. In the new era, Yixing will closely follow the requirements of Wuxi to build a “high-quality development demonstration zone with new development concepts”, implement the opinions of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on accelerating internationalization and building a regional international central city, to build Yixing into an emerging city, regional central city, and international open city with strong comprehensive carrying capacities and radiating driving forces in the Yangtze River Delta region, and become a bright pearl on the west bank of the Taihu Science and Technology Innovation Circle, a two-way open industrial highland at the Nanjing-Hangzhou Ecological Economic Belt and the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui Provinces, an “Oriental Water City” with international charm, a county model of the philosophy that clean waters and green mountains are just as valuable as gold and silver, and a Chinese pottery capital that highlights the international humanistic charm.


      In order to actively seek to integrate into the national strategy of integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, actively connect with the city-wide strategy of Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Belt, solidly promote the core strategy of innovation-driven development and the leading strategy of industry development, highlight the core role in the integrated development of Wuxi-Yixing, lead and promote the transformation and upgrading of industries, coordinate and optimize the city's innovative spatial pattern, enhance the industrial and urban service functions as a regional international central city, gather regional innovation resources, and attract high-tech enterprises and talents, the International Solicitation for Strategic Planning and Conceptual Urban Design of Peiyuan Science City is now held. We sincerely invite the world's outstanding and experienced design institutions to participate, and adopt advanced planning and design concepts and development strategies to explore new forms, new models and new paths of industry-city integration, and strive to build a high-quality international science and technology industrial park and modern new city, and become an important functional carrier for connecting regional innovation resources, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and practicing future urban construction.


      圖1 項目在無錫市域空間布局位置示意圖

      Location of the site in Wuxi




      This solicitation activity is divided into three stages, namely “pre-qualification”, “scheme formulation” and “follow-up deepening”.


      (Ⅰ)Pre-qualification stage


      This solicitation activity opens to all design institutions. Applicant institutions need to provide complete pre-qualification application materials in accordance with the requirements of the “Pre-qualification Document”. After the pre-qualification review, three applicant institutions will be shortlisted to participate in the scheme formulation stage; another two applicant institutions will be selected as alternative applicant institutions, if the shortlisted applicant institutions quit from the scheme formulation stage, the alternative applicant institutions will fill the vacancy in order.


      (Ⅱ)Scheme formulation stage


      The task in the scheme formulation stage mainly includes:


      Focusing on Yixing's goal of building a regional and international central city, to build Peiyuan Science City into a collaborative innovation pilot area, technology industry cluster, quality service benchmark area and ecological demonstration area under the background of high-quality development; and to build a city of wisdom with science and humanity, a city of innovation with integration of industry and city, an ecological city with intertwined water and green, a people-oriented liveable city, and a convenient and efficient sharing city.


      The strategic planning focuses on the study of regional development and positioning, to build a future industrial system, optimize the functional structure of the area, coordinate the layout of production, living and ecological spaces, and optimize the comprehensive transportation system.


      The conceptual urban design of the core area focuses on putting forward innovative mode of urban construction, to clarify the spatial layout structure, refine the functional layout of land-use, shape the urban spatial form, strengthen the design of waterfront space, highlight the regional characteristics of Yixing, and scientifically delineate the scope of the start-up area.


      The detailed urban design of the start-up area focuses on proposing recent implementation spatial plan, to shape landmark architectural landscape areas, and propose a model for spatial form, urban quality, and traffic organization, and a plan for the comprehensive development and utilization of above-ground, surface and underground spaces, and provide development and construction models for the science city.


      (Ⅲ)Follow-up deepening stage


      The applicant institution who is responsible for the follow-up deepening stage shall optimize and develop the scheme according to the opinions of the jury committee and the organizer, absorb the advantages of other schemes, to form an integrated design scheme with innovative ideas and Yixing characteristics.




      The planning and design scope is divided into three spatial levels, namely “strategic planning”, “conceptual urban design of the core area” and “detailed urban design of the start-up area”.


      Strategic planning: west to Dongjiu Avenue, south to Dongjiu Lake, north to Fenfan Line, and east to Fanli Avenue-Xindu River-Hengtang River, with a total area of about 50 square kilometres.


      Conceptual urban design of the core area: the area north to Baihe Avenue-Taihu Avenue, west to Qianshudang Road-Dongjiu Avenue, east to Nanku River, and south to Dongjiu Lake, is delineated as the key research area of Peiyuan Science City. According to the strategic planning research, to select a core area of 8 to 10 square kilometres in the key research area, and carry out conceptual urban design.


      Detailed urban design of the start-up area: According to the conceptual urban design of the core area, and combined with factors such as implementation timing, lakes or rail transit stations, to select an area of 1 to 2 square kilometres within the core area as the start-up area of Peiyuan Science City, and carry out detailed urban design.


      圖2 項目在宜興市區空間布局中的位置

      Location of the site in Yixing


      圖3 規劃和設計范圍示意圖

      Scope of the project


      Ⅳ.Application Requirements


      This solicitation activity opens application to domestic and foreign institutions that are legally registered and have research and design experience similar to this project. Domestic institutions must have one of Grade-A qualification of urban and rural planning formulation, or Grade-A qualification of architecture and construction engineering; foreign institutions must have one of the relevant qualifications of strategy consulting, urban and rural planning, or architecture design issued by the competent authority or relevant industry organizations of their home country or region. Applicant institutions should have corresponding consulting abilities on strategic planning and urban design.


      This project encourages application by consortium, but the consortium shall not have more than three members, and the members of the consortium are not allowed to apply separately on their own or form another consortium. Considering the impact of COVID-19, foreign applicant institutions (without branches in China) must form a consortium with domestic institutions. If a foreign applicant institution consorts with a domestic applicant institution, qualification requirements for the domestic institution are the same as above. The qualification requirements of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan institutions shall refer to the requirements of foreign applicant institutions. Applications by individuals or groups of individuals will not be accepted. For two or more legal entities whose legal representative is the same person, the parent company, the wholly-owned subsidiary and the holding company are not allowed to apply at the same time.


      The professionals involved in this project must be the current registered staff of the applicant institution; the chief designer must have experience in directing several similar projects, and the chief designer and team members must participate in the whole process of the project. The project team shall be fully equipped with different professional types. The professional team of the foreign applicant institution should include at least one member who is proficient in Chinese to ensure the accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements.


      Ⅴ.Fees and Awards


      Three applicant institutions will be shortlisted to participate in the scheme formulation stage. After the shortlisted applicant institutions submit valid application documents in accordance with the requirements of the Solicitation Document, the jury committee will review and determine the ranking of schemes, and award the corresponding design fees (bonuses)。





      The first place: a bonus of RMB 4.0 million (including tax);

      The second place: a bonus of RMB 3.0 million (including tax);

      The third place: a bonus of RMB 2.0 million (including tax);

      The design fee for the follow-up deepening stage will be RMB 2.0 million (including tax)。

      原則上由獲得第一名的應征機構負責后期深化階段工作,后期深化設計費用人民幣 200萬元(含稅)。具體事宜根據后續工作的安排進行協商并另簽訂合同。

      In principle, the applicant institution who wins the first place will be responsible for the follow-up deepening work; the design fee for the follow-up deepening stage will be RMB 2.0 million (including tax)。 Specific matters will be negotiated according to follow-up arrangements; and another contract shall be signed.


      However, the applicant institution who fail to submit application documents within the prescribed time, or whose application documents are not acceptable according to the requirements of the Solicitation Document, or whose qualifications have been revoked, will not be paid the design bonus.



      計劃于2022年7月確定入圍應征機構、在宜興市組織現場踏勘及召開項目啟動會,屆時需應征機構主創設計師及其團隊參會。方案編制階段設計周期自項目啟動會起約為 100個日歷天左右(含節假日)。

      It is planned to determine the shortlist of applicant institutions and organize the site survey and hold the project release conference in July 2022 in Yixing. The chief designer and the team members of the applicant institutions are required to attend the conference. The design period of the scheme formulation stage is about 100 calendar days (including holidays) from the date of the project release conference.



      July 8, 2022

      Project release conference and site survey

      August 23, 2022

      Mid-term result communication meeting

      October 14, 2022

      Submission of design documents

      Late October, 2022

      Scheme review conference


      Note: The above time is based on Beijing time, and the organizer reserves the right to make timely adjustments to specific arrangements such as time, venue, and way of organization according to the situation of pandemic control.


      VII.Application Method


      Any applicant who intends to participate in this solicitation activity shall register first. After downloading the application form (Appendix 1) and completing the application information, the applicant shall send it to the designated email address zxb@planning.org.cn. After receiving the application form, the organizing supporter will reply with the Prequalification Document and other related documents by email.


      Prequalification application documents shall be made in strict accordance with relevant requirements, and can be submitted by on-site submission or express delivery. Due to the special circumstances of the pandemic, if submit by express delivery, please reserve enough time for the express transportation; a letter of authorization by the legal representative shall be presented if submit on site.


      Submission time and place for the prequalification application documents: The applicant institutions should submit the printed prequalification application documents to the designated address before 16:00 on June 27, 2022, and send all electronic prequalification application documents to the designated email address (zxb@planning.org.cn)。 The submission address for the printed documents is as follows: Urban Planning Society of China, North Annex Building of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No.9 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Miss Zhang (the addressee), 010-58323854. The time for submission is 09:00-16:00 on working days. Prequalification application documents that are overdue or do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. In case of special circumstances such as pandemic control, the time or address will be notified.


      Announcement of prequalification result: The selecting result of shortlisted applicant institutions will be announced within 30 calendar days after the deadline for submission of prequalification application documents.




      Contact: Miss Lei 010-58323868, Miss Zhang 010-58323854

      Telephone consultation time: 09:00-11:00 and 14:00-16:00 on working days

      Email: zxb@planning.org.cn




      The announcement is issued on the website of Urban Planning Society of China (www.kandahartv-gov.com), and the website of Yixing Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (www.yixing.gov.cn/zrzyghj)。 The amendments and supplements to this announcement are subject to the contents published on the above websites. If there is any inconsistency between Chinese and English, the content in Chinese shall prevail.


      June 6, 2022












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